Thursday, May 24, 2012

"Una trasmissione di mezz'ora dedicata al tenore Joe Brent"

Great news to share with everyone!

As it turns out, I have one final obligation before I head to Italy....

I have been invited to sing a half-hour recital for WUGA-TV!!!

I'll be singing some of those classic italian tenor arias:
Core 'ngrato
De' Miei Bollenti Spiriti (Traviata)
Amor Ti Vieta (Fedora)

Frederic's aria from the G&S operetta Pirates:
Oh is there not one maiden breast

The Sigmund Romberg air from The Dessert Song:
One Alone

and some lesser known works:
Nuit De Decembre - Leoncavallo (which as featured on my first DMA Recital)
Auch Kleine Dinge - Hugo Wolf
Be Not Afeard - L. Hoiby (also featured on my first DMA Recital)

This is such a wonderful opportunity to present my self and represent the school of music.
An enormous THANK YOU to Prof. Burchinal - Dr. David Starkweather - Will and Mr. Doug Moore for making this possible.

In the mean time - trying to keep Boheme fresh in my voice and brain!

thanks for visiting,

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