Friday, June 8, 2012



I am officially home in New York; how remarkeably comforting it is to be home. New York City, its citzens and vistors, buildings and sky bring me so much comfort.

I leave for Rome on the 14th!

It has come to my attention that commenting on these posts has proven to be a challange... I have adjusted the setting - please leave a comment to let me know that all is well!

More soon!

as they say:

Stammi bene!



  1. Joe,

    Maybe if I come back as anonymous this will work, but your is the only blog (in my small sample that has this grid as a block).

    I share your views of NY: where are you in the megalopolis? We always lived in Westchester or Rockland.

    John Rudy

    1. Doc,

      Thank you for commenting!

      I am not sure what exactly I can do from this end. I have turned all of the settings to public. I'll contact those in charge and see if there is anything else....

      I've been at home in Queens (my family lives near the whitestone bridge) and my girlfriend lives in Upper Manhattan. I've been commuting between home and her's for the past week or so, as well as seeing some friends. I've some buddies who work on houston st, some up-town and many scattered throughout the boroughs.

      Salina, my girlfriend, lived in Tarry Town after we graduated from Purchase College (in westchester) and eventually moved down into the city to be closer to her job. I moved to Georgia ...

      My grandparnets lived in Rockland county - in New City I believe. Are you familiar with that area?

      Could you remind me at which bank did you work? My mother worked for some time at citibank in westchester at some point during 80s, and for some reason it reminded me of our conversation at the East West.

      Hope you're well!