Saturday, June 23, 2012

Post 2 from Italy

Greeting Readers,

My first week anniversary as Rodolfo in Novafeltria, Italy has come and gone.  It has been an absolutely wonderful adventure thus far.

Tonight was the celebration of Cento Catini - a city wide festival in which the town celebrates pagan traditions dating back to the druids. It felt like an Italian Halloween: witches, candles burning, hay bales. They set fire to their ancient fountain and a live band played Celtic music... or what seemed to be Celtic music... They reenacted scenes of the cento catini tradition: virgins setting flowers afloat in the blazing fountain, a ballet and a religious procession. [pictures to come] It is a solstice celebration as well as the night of San Giovanni

Since this is my first true update I'll try to give you as many details as possible, but be prepared: you have many! MANY photos coming your way.

The flight to Frankfurt from JFK was smooth, the Germans were very particular. We left 30 min late, arrived 30 behind schedule. I have never received more sorrowful apologies from a flight crew in my life - I made my connection with no problem. The Frankfurt air port inspired me to set my sights on Germany. The people, the efficiency, the SAUSAGE AND BEER:
 They have these awesome venders in front of each gate:
Pretzels, beer, sausages and happy German employees!
Lufthansa really did a great job, their complimentary coffee and news papers were so welcoming. If you have flown recently and have been charged through the roof for food, drinks, pillows, luggage or anything else - I think you'll understand what exactly I mean when I say the coffee was refreshing!
I arrived to a crowd of exhausted and sedate La Musica Lirica participants, i corsisti as I like to refer to them. Many had arrived hours earlier ( I arrived shortly after 9:30 am Sat morning) and we waited until about half past three to head out on our 4 hour pullman (bus) ride to Novafeltria - WHERE We were greeted with a delicious aperativo!!

I plan to set up a link to the photos of this first week (and the following weeks) so that you see all the photos that are not accompanied by these brief interjections. Pounds and pounds of pizzas and pastas, drinks and then the mayor, the head of the music department Ubaldo Fabbri - the translator and our fearless leader Brigida officially greeted i corsisti.
  Now lets get to the good stuff... my awesome 3 floor house, the view and the opera theatre.

I am living with a Canadian Baritone Mike singing Bartolo - James a tenor at Drake University - and Jack a baritone studying in Wisconsin from Atlanta. There are a tone for students and wonderful faculty - I am having a great time!!

Here are some more photos:

And with that photo - I am off to bed. We are planning to hike that mountain tomorrow :-)!!!

More photos and more updates soon, the internet is becoming slowly more available - and I am making lots of friends!!!!!

With love and happiness - gratitude and smiles


  1. Oh, Joe,

    I am so happy for you. Have a great time. I love you.

  2. Sounds outstanding! The pictures look great. Can't wait to see more!