Monday, July 2, 2012

5 minutes before class

Buongiorno a tutti,

Writing to you from the beginning of week 3!

I arrived at school in anticipation of my class and thought that if I could use one of the faculty's computers I could send all of you a quick update.

First, please check out the photos page that I have added to the links section immediately to the right of this post. I have added, at this point, all of the photos that I have taken over the last 2 weeks. It has been a challenge trying to format these photos, please have patience with my fixing them. Eventually I will incorporate them into these posts, but I am handicapped by lack of time and capable computers\internet access.

Second, tonight is the zitsprobe for Boheme!!! We will be performing with an orchestra from Ravenna. For those of you in Italy, I am guaranteed performances in San Marino and Pesaro (see previous post for dates), and I will be covering some of the other performances. . .  the show goes up on the 9th, at that point it will be riding the wave and going with the flow.

I do not know if I reccounted to you all but I had to stand in Saturday night during the Faculty Gala Concert here in Novafeltria. I performend the 3rd act quartet again in an open air concert in the heart of downtown Novafeltria in front of their church. It was a beautiful evening with great singers and an excited italian audience.

I am working right now on the Liszt Petrach Sonnets, Rondine Al Nido, Lunge da  Lei... Dei Miei Bollenti and Boheme. I am going to try to get in some Mozart and more Verdi while I am here!!

I am now a few minutes late to class!! Yikes!!

Ci sentiamo a presto!!!

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  1. Ciao Joe, sono così eccitato per voi. La vostra avventura meravigliosa sembra eccitante. Sono così felice che stanno avendo un grande momento. Mi manchi terribilmente, ma sono così felice per te, allo stesso tempo. L'amore con te