Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Cari Amici

Cari Amici,

Vi ringrazio!! Grazie per leggendo, anche per il vostro pazienza.
Thank you all! Thank you for reading and also for your patience.

I have been judicious in my posts lately due primarily to the speed and effeciency of the technology in Novafeltria and secondarily to my schedule. I have also had reservations about updates because I have been taking so many photos and want so badly to include them into the posts along with the recolections.

I apologize for my reticence and beseech you for continued patience.

Italian classes have concluded, I have my final voice lesson today at 2 and my last Boheme on Thursday. I am tying up loose ends, preparing my things and cleaning my apartment.

Meastro Price and I are planning to have lunch at a fantastic resturante, Saffi.

I have found the link to Saturday night's benefit concert in San Marino. I will double check the link and post it by the end of the day (your mid day). I sing at 2 hours and 35 min into the show, I am followed by Yunnie Park - a South Korean soprano who is one of my Mimis.

Thought of the day:
Raddoppiamento Sintattico and "n" assimilations, what a beautiful aspect of spoken language:

with gratitude and warmth,

More very soon!

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