Sunday, July 8, 2012

Ciao a tutti,

Greetings from the beginning of week 4.

I am writing you all from the Hotel Magda (chi bel sogno... ) where several of the corsisti have been staying. Apparently their lasagna is great!!!

We had our final dress rehearsal for Boheme today. We will open Monday, for those in Italy you can see me as Rodolfo in San Marino on the 11th, Cesena on the 12th and Pesaro on the 19th.

Below is a photo from the prova [rehearsal]

More soon!! All is well!! 
I bought 1984 in Italian, let's see how well that goes!! Wish me luck.

Stammi bene!!!

With gratitude and love
Thank you


  1. Joseph,
    Cosa posso dire, diverso da quello, così orgogliosa! Così molto orgogliosa!!!! Ti amo!