Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Davanti l'ufficio postale

Warm greetings from Novafeltria,

At last, after 4 weeks of searching, I have found the hotspot! Courtesy of Manuel Castillo I am writing to you from the Tentazione Pizzera run by Fernando, sitting a few steps away from the Ufficio Postale. The signal is strong and we have the night off... I will try to fill you all in as best as possible by recounting my last few weeks.

The recap:

My first performance as a member of the La Musica Lirica team was 27th of June in San Marino for their television station. I uploaded the video in an earlier post but for those of you who haven't seen it: San Marino Terrazza Kursaal 3rd Act Quartet Boheme - San Marino TV (Terrazza Kursaal)

From left to right you should see Michael Roemer (Marcello), Yunnie Park (Mimi), Rose Mannino (Musetta) and Me.

La Musica Lirica broke us down into 4 casts: Red cast (the singers mentioned above), Green cast (Manuel Castillo - Rodolfo, Kristen Marchiafava - Mimi), Blue cast (Dalton Flake - Rodolfo, Erin McComber - Mimi), Orange (ME + Blue cast). The Red cast sang in San Marino and will sing thus Thursday in Pesaro. The Orange cast sang in Cesena last Thursday.

Yunnie and I, last Saturday, as I've mentioned previously, performed in San Marino again.  Follow this link Cara Emili: Joe sings for earthquake victims (scan to 2 hrs 36 min) and scan the video to 2 hrs and 36 min. You'll see and hear me sing La mia letizia infondere from I Lombardi and the off stage interjections in Sempre Libera from La Traviata. What a terrifying night that was!! Ubaldo Fabbri (the head of the Voci nel Montefeltro festival and the italian portion of La Musica Lirica) asked me Wednesday afternoon if I knew any Verdi. Of course after my summer last year, with Prof. Burchinal and the opera students at UGA, at the Greek Opera Studio/Festival of the Aegean (For a limited time the 2011 video are still up) I covered Alfredo, sang Gastone and performed a few excerpts from the Traviata. So I explained to Ubaldo that I could sing Alfredo. He insisted that I learn the Lombardi cavatina, and I reminded him that I was singing Rodolfo Wednesday night AND Thursday night... Maestro Fabbri insisted. I spent all day Friday trying to memorize the text and melody. Saturday arrived and we drove to San Marino, arrived at 5 - performed a sound check and tried to put up a poster of the music but to no success! As you can see in video it was an enormous studio. We put my music in a Voci nel Montefeltro folder and the rest was recorded history. Though we had to wait from 5:00 - 11:30 to sing. With just of 24 hours of preparation I think it was a success... for a live broadcast, all over italy and the world... I just wish I could have sang something that I already knew!!

I've been monopolizing Manuel's comupter for too long.

More soon, ENJOY!

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