Thursday, May 16, 2013

Our 1st Year Anniversary

Dear Reader,

Happy one year Anniversary.

One year ago today I created this blog as an outlet for my experiences, a venue for those interested in hearing about my adventures, and a way of expressing my gratitude for all of your contributions.

In his year I performed Rodolfo in La Boheme three times in Italy; one out door concert; I sang twice for italian television at the San Marino television station [Terrazzal Kursaal and Benefit concert for the Emilia-Romagna victims of the earthquakes in that region]; I sang for the San Francisco Giants; met the Sinatra Family; Sang a Halloween concert at the Fox Theatre; Sang both my first Hoffmann and my first Tamino; Sang and played my first Messiah; gave my final bass recital; made my debut as a director; saw 23 hours of opera at the Met in one week (Giulio Cesare, Rigoletto and the entire Ring Cycle).

I am considering that it might be time to change the format and change the title, rather than start a new blog.

As I mentioned earlier, this summer I am singing Hoffmann with the Martina Arroyo Prelude to Performance program and it would be nice to make updates for those interested in hearing about and reading about the latest updates.

With this post I also celebrate the completion of my second year as a Doctor of Music student at the University of Georgia. In the semester I was accepted in to the Blue Key Honor Society, Awarded the Director's Excellence Award and became the official recipient of the Hoveland Opera Fellowship.
This morning I will sing some selections for the Board of Visitor (a list of this group called the "Board of Visitors:"
Also, here is a description of their role in this annual visit to UGA (  This is the first time they have focused on the arts).

Thank you to everyone who continues to be a part of my life!!

More soon,

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