Thursday, July 19, 2012

Io speriamo che me la cavi

Buongiorno a tutti,

It is a luminous and warm Thursday morning here on the 19th of July, in the Valmarecchia's Novafeltria, Italy.

Tonight, in Pesaro - at the Rossini conservatory - will be the final operatic performance of La Musica Lirica's 2012 season. The Red Cast, seen in the photos from San Marino in the previous post - which includes me - will round out the 5th week immersion with one last Boheme. We will perform the opera at the Conservatorio Statale di Musica G. Rossini in the Salone Pedrotti (constructed in 1892).

Wish me luck. It has been a thoroughly enriching program. Tomorrow morning we will have our farewell meeting, "graduation" from the 4 week italian course and goodbyes.

Last night the Green cast performed their last Boheme for the program in Alfonsine. If I did not express it earlier, the nights that I was not singing Rodolfo I was the silent waiter for the Bohemian's table at Cafe Momus. Needless to say BUT everyone enjoyed the nights I was fainting and swooning over Musetta. I'll see if there is any chance someone snapped some photos of those other evenings. Last night was fun because it was my last night as a waiter. Eating the food from the Bohemian's table, giving them their bill, flirting with Musetta. . . an aspect of the show I am glad that I was able to live.

I am off to grab a coffee, some breakfast and enjoy a masterclass as I relax and prepare my body for a very important Rodolfo!

The time seems to have flown and yet. . .

with gratitude and love,

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  1. Joseph,
    Vi auguriamo molta fortuna. Siete veramente talento e impressionante. Ti amo e sono quindi molto orgoglioso di voi si. Godetevi il vostro successo