Friday, July 13, 2012

L'ultimo giorno delle lezioni

benevenuti & saluti,

Readers, I am writing from the computer in the school. I just finished the italian exam. I had to complete reading, writing, listening and oral sections. It went very well; Rosaria - my italian teacher - was very complimentary and supportive... in fact, she just found me and I scored 95/100!!!!!!! IL MIGLIORE!

I was the only student taking the exam today, a special exception was made for me because I sang my first 2 Rodolfos back to back Wednesday in San Marino and Thursday in Cesena. What fantastic experiences!!! I sang with 2 different casts, they both did a great job - a huge BRAVI to all of the singers. Bravo to my Marcelli Michael and Alejandro, my Schaunard Nelson and Arthur, my Collini Matt and Dylan. Brava to my Mimi Yuni and Erin, my Musette Marina and Rose. Bravi tutti to the chorus, stage crew, costume crew and last but not least Maestro Rescigno. I received such beautiful compliments from so many people: from italians, from faculty, from students.

As for the venues, WOW! I am in the proccess of loading all of the photos of these 2 shows, they will be up as soon as possible. Your patience is appreciated.

Last piece of news to share is that Maestro Fabbri has invited me to sing for a world wide broadcast Saturday afternoon. I do not know all of the details but what I do know is this: it is a tribute or fundraiser for victims of the recent earthquakes in the Emiglia-Romagna region. The only reservation I have is that Maestro asked me to learn a new aria La Mia Letizia Infondere... from I Lombardi by Verdi. Between back to back Boheme and my Italian exam, I hope I can get it together. I am taking it easy today, but much study has to be done.

Wish me luck, send your love.
My time here is "sta per finire" about to end. It has been a brilliant 4 weeks on the brink of week 5.

Will write soon!


  1. Joe,

    Bravo per te! I am proud of you, not surprised but greatly pleased. How the time has flown, vero?

    Go ahead with the special broadcast, a real opportunity...Provided you ace your exam!


    John Rudy

    nel profondo di Atena la Nuova

  2. Oh Joe,

    Wow.....I can't find the words that can tell you about the way my heart is filled for you right now..My eyes are welled up with tears of happiness for you. I wish we were there with you. As always, so extremely proud of you. Wow